Terry Sweeney


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In Situ: On a Sphere

  • National Sawdust 80 North 6th Street Brooklyn, NY, 11249 United States (map)

National Sawdust invites you to ON A SPHERE, an ambient meditative exploration of sound worlds by composer Ricardo Romaneiro with live projections by Christian Hannon, in performance with Leo Leite(engineer/electronics), NoisioN/Ravi (analog synthesizers), David Zisa (modular synthesizers),Victor Caccese(percussion), & Terry Sweeney (percussion).

On A Sphere draws inspiration from the ancient philosophical concept of the Music of the Spheres, which incorporates the metaphysical principle that mathematical relationships express qualities or "tones" of energy manifesting in numbers, visual angles, shapes and sounds – all connected within a pattern of proportion. In a theory known as the Harmony of the Spheres, it’s proposed that the planets all emit their own unique hum, a resonance based on their orbital revolution. The movements of the celestial bodies - The Sun, Moon, and planets - as a form of music, the Harmony of the Spheres.

Join us as we take a 1 hour journey through the sounds of the universe interpreted by synthesizers and percussion instruments accompanied by visuals.